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Opsure is a first global blockchain based P2P life insurance platform.
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is everything
  • One transparent fee
  • Quick risk assessment
  • Lean business processes
  • Transparency
a traditional insurance company is not.
  • Excessive fees
  • Bias risk assessment
  • Daunting processes
  • Unclear business operations
Helping claim what’s yours
An innovative P2P insurance model, implemented by Opsure, allows customers to get a refund from the unclaimed insurance risk pool, thus eliminating issues between the insurer and the insured.
Today vs Tomorrow
Ensuring full transparency and quick risk assessment, this first-in-class P2P insurance model is a new generation approach to life insurance.
Excessive fees
Traditional Insurance Excessive fees
Opsure One transparent fee
One transparent fee
Bias risk assessment
Bias risk assessment
Quick risk assessment
Quick risk assessment
Daunting processes
Daunting processes
Lean business processes
Lean business processes
Unclear business operations
Unclear business operations
Solving the Issue
A new P2P insurance model that allows customers to get a refund from the unclaimed insurance risk pool, thus eliminating issues between the insurer and the insured.
The primary objectives
Business Core Elements
Core team
Our mission at Opsure is to build the best-in-class P2P life insurance platform. We spend our time developing and building Opsure, which connects people around the globe. The success of our project is down to having a team of professionals. Having spent years in FinTech industry, we have the skills and experience to create the first consumer-driven life insurance platform worldwide. Transparency and global goals are the founding values of our business.
  • Jonas Čeponis Chief executive officer
  • Ronaldas Budrys Chief operating officer
  • Lukas Kairys Blockchain tech lead
  • Darius Kupliauskas Chief business developement officer
  • Martynas Karpovičius Chief marketing officer
Advisors and Investors
Jonas Čeponis Chief executive officer
Jonas has experience working in the consulting and wealth management field as well as in the life insurance business for more than a decade, building his own team of professionals and reaching top performance results in the region. He has worked with the largest life insurance and pension fund companies in Lithunaia (SEB life insurance, PZU, BTA , INVL asset management) and has been a member of MDRT The Premier Association of Financial Professionals. Jonas has his Bachelors degree in International Business Administration and a Master’s in International Research and Communication as well as his financial broker license S473.
Ronaldas Budrys Chief operating officer
Ronaldas worked in IT sector in management consulting positions at global companies in banking, insurance & aviation industries for more than a decade and contributed to number of business transformation and enterprise software solution implementation projects. For last couple of years has worked together with blockchain industry experts providing industry expertise to emerging disruptive companies. Ronaldas has Master’s in Cyber Security Management.
Lukas Kairys Blockchain tech lead
Blockchain and Smart contracts development professional having substantial experience working on various global blockchain solutions. Lukas is leading the Technology domain at Cryptodus company. Previously Lukas has worked with WePower.Network and Aigang.Network blockchain projects. He is also Computer Science Graduate.
Darius Kupliauskas Chief business developement officer
More than 10 years experience in sales and innovative business development solutions and implementation within various projects in financial services, telco and creative media sectors. Worked as consultant in Ernst & Young Baltic. Business and Finance courses in multiple top 50 Europe’s Universities.
Martynas Karpovičius Chief marketing officer
Skilled digital marketing specialist with creative and industry focused approach. More than 10 years experience in creative and digital agencies. More than 10 award winning projects and work history with most established companies in the Baltics.
Andras Megyeri Advisor
A pharmaceutical business executive with 40+ years of experience in Healthcare, Drug Regulatory Affairs and Regulatory Compliance. During his carrier he worked in Europe, Latin America and in the USA.

In the pharmaceutical industry Andras established country and regional drug regulatory affairs organizations, managed new Marketing Authorization (MA) application for new drugs to leading Health Authorities, managed MA renewals, productions site transfers. Andras established Global Labeling departments in three global locations and became an expert in pharmaceutical inspections required by Health Authorities. Successfully established compliance activities and compliance departments in global drug manufacturing companies.

Before joining the pharma industry he worked as a medical doctor for sixteen years, specialized in surgery and in vascular surgery.

He is an Affiliated Associate Professor at College of Health Sciences at the University of Delaware focusing on global Healthcare issues. He is the CEO of Pharmaceutical Consultancy firm - Global Regulatory Affairs, Labeling & Compliance Services LLC (GRALC LLC). Andras has a medical doctor degree from the Semmelweis University in Budapest, an MBA from the London Business School and a master law degree in Health-Care and Health Technology Law from Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark, NJ, USA.
Arminas Banys Legal advisor
Financial services regulatory and compliance professional with a vast experience covering full life cycle of business of a financial institution. Previously Arminas worked at the top tier law firm in the Baltics, which he exited to start financial services regulatory consulting firm Adamano Consulting.
Dean Parsons Advisor
Dean Parsons brings with him nearly 20 years of experience in global markets including global investment and risk management, global treasury, foreign exchange, fixed income analytics, Asset / Liability Management, start-up development, marketing, education as well as international not-for-profit management. Since 2011, he has owned and operated Global Diversified Investments, a global-markets-focused investment advisory corporation based in Southern California.

Dean has dedicated his career to global exposure risk management and positioning, financial wellness, education, and entrepreneurial successes. He has provided extensive financial, organizational and risk management guidance to numerous organizations and has joined Opsure as adviser as a result of his commitment to participating in truly disruptive opportunities. Mr. Parsons holds Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Riverside and an MBA from Azusa Pacific University.
Robert Kupstas Advisor
Robert Kupstas is an entrepreneur and technology consultant with over eight years experience in the infrastructure and indoor agriculture sectors. Specializing in energy, policy and economic analysis, Robert has led research assignments and consulting engagements with leading global institutions including the International Renewable Energy Agency, the Singapore Energy Studies Institute, U.S. Department of State, the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and the Queensland Investment Corporation. In addition to research and consulting, Robert is a co-founder of Pure Harvest Smart Farms - a leading technology-enabled agribusiness venture founded by Stanford University alumni in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Robert holds an M.A. in International Policy Studies from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Economics from The New College of Florida.
Michal Csonga Advisor
Michal brings extensive industry experience from cross-functional corporate management positions. In Sony he lead number of global projects being responsible for business strategy, partnerships, product launches, and marketing campaigns. Being passionate about emerging technology trends he founded RonixLab with vision of helping innovative blockchain start-ups with boldest marketing and go-to-market strategy.
Sigitas Žutautas Advisor
Sigitas has 20 years of experience in finance and financial industry (banks and insurance); retail sales /customer relationship; as well as managing projects and organisations. The experence spans from a trainee / junior to Management board member and CEO; as well as includes the outsider/auditor‘s view. „Whatever the retail banking and insurance was, it will be different as nobody is going to pay for those boring tasks and meetings that people actually do worse than machines. However, I bet, people will still love empathy, care and respect. And this is where we the humans fit in the best“. Sigitas has been in charge of „upgrading“ and implementing business models in various scope in DNB, PZU, Swedbank, etc., bringing various stakeholders (in-house parties, investors, auditors, regulators, etc) to a consensus that lead to the final result.
Sigitas holds a Postgraduate diploma in Advanced Management from ESMT Berlin, Germany.